International Commedia dell’ Arte Day 2022!

For the 7th year in a row, i Firenzi is thrilled to announce that we are performing a show as part of the international festival celebrating International Commedia dell’ Arte Day!!!

I Firenzi will perform IN PERSON for the 2022 International Commedia dell’ Arte Day!


An original scenario “The Dog Servant” written by Michael McAfee will take you on a ride of comic delight in the style of Italian 16th century improvised Commedia dell’ Arte!  Pantalone’s servant Arlecchino has decided to live life as a dog because they get table scraps and belly rubs – what could possibly go wrong?!

Show starts at 4:00pm (US Eastern Time) and lasts about 50 minutes.  Rated PG – enjoyable for most kids.

To see the show in person, please sign up here to get the address:


No tickets necessary, but we need sign ups to ensure we don’t exceed the attendance cap for the room. So, please sign up at the link above.

We request that attendees wear a face mask for lowering the risk of spreading COVID. 


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International Commedia dell’ Arte Day is a global celebration organized by SAT (The Italian government agency for culture) and recognized by the Italian UNESCO Commission, the various UNESCO Commissions in the world, the various Italian Cultural Institutes, the Embassies and the Italian Center of the ITI  (International Theater Institute).

Please click below for the official press release by SAT.



i Firenzi will also perform the same show again at the SCA’s Atlantia Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival on March 5 at 11:30am US Eastern Time. See this link for details: