Our Players

Aénor d’Anjou – Franceschina

Amanda Lee Anderson – Amorosa

Alfarinn Valason – Arlecchino, Franceschina

Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis – Vittoria, Brighella and Amorosa

Efenwealt Wystle – Capitano Spavento, and Pantalone’s Father

Odile de Strasbourg – Amorosa

Charles Fleming – Dottore, Pantalone, Brighella, Drunken Sailor

Diva – Fairy, Franceschina

Genefe Wölfelin – Vittoria

Mark of Windmasters’ Hill – Arlecchino, Oratio, Brighella, and Bad French Accent Coach

Morvyth Bengrick – Capitano, Servettas, Sausage Merchant

Manus MacDhai – Direttore tecnico (Technical Director, Solutions Engineer and Builder of Many Things) and also plays Pantalone and Dottore

Sophia the Orange – Capocomico and also plays the servetta and amorosa

Natanyel Violette – Amoroso

Alumnae and Alumni:

Tessa de Spina – Servetta, Pasquella, and other wacky female parts and much costume support

Randal Clarke – Tofano

Owyn Wolf – Oratio, Pedrolino, Fight coach, Director

Geneviefve d’Estelle – Amorosas, Vittoria, and the occasional servetta (still perfectly dressed)

Ibrahim bin Ilyas bin Mustafa al-Haddad – The Magnificent Capitano Spavento!!!

Jaume de Monçó – Zanni of greatness being Arlecchino , Brighella, Pedrolino, and occasionally Oratio

Idris Fofana – Flavio, roadie

Saxi þunnkárr – Amoroso, Brighella, Capitano, and any other dashing handsome man

Una Gyldir – Vittoria

Catarina Caravello – Drunken Sailor and last minute rescue

Giovan Donado – Capitano Spavento, musical intermezzi, and understudy for rescuing us when we need a last minute fill in

Margaret Wolseley – Amorosa understudy and much costuming

William Garrett – Il Dottore and Arlecchino

Ruaidhri an Cu – Capitano of both Spanish and Scottish Descent (Ymir production of “The Issues of One’s Loins”)

Dunstan le’ Herringmonger – Pedrolino, Capitano, and Inspiring Silly Song Coach

Edward at Buckston Birthday 2018

Edward Belvadier – Tofano, Dottore

Isabela Bourchier de Lovaine – Isabella

Christopher Blackwell – Played Pantalone with us a few times and is now living abroad.

Meggie (Chris’s daughter) has played walk on roles and helped out in various ways with set up, take down, and taking pictures.

Joan (another of Chris’s daughters) played Isabella for us once and was such an obsessive, silly, lovesick cutie we hope to have her back again! She did a return in a role as Tofano with her dog Dalila.

Uberto di Spina – hauls many boxes and cinder blocks and stage stuff to help us set up and take down and clean up

Marie Aoibeall – produced much costuming and often makes sacred objects for fundraising

Aedh Ua Ruairc – Oratio, Pantalone , Isabella

Gavin has helped a lot with costuming and general support.

Catherine has taught us a number of aerial dance moves that have powered our physical comedy.

King Amos, King Ragnarr, King Christoph, Baron Daemon and Baroness Typhaine, and Baroness Murienne of Sacred Stone were all gracious enough to perform bit parts for us at special events.

Andreas de Caunteton played Dottore for us once and of course Domenico helped establish our troupe with his Capitano.

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