Welcome to the I Firenzi website!

I Firenzi is a vagabond troupe of creatives who produce plays in the style of 16th century Italian Commedia dell’ Arte!

Based in the Triangle area of central North Carolina, this group met in the Society for Creative Anachronism (www.SCA.org), performed at events from War of the Wings to Pennsic, and now perform in programs like The National Women’s Theater Festival and Festival of Legends!

I Firenzi is dedicated to teaching historically informed commedia, so if you have any interest in our classes or materials for your own class, please contact us! We can help teachers and students!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page  and also the SCA-wide commedia Facebook group

I Firenzi is directed and produced by Lara Coutinho-Dean. She and her husband, Scott Dean, co-founded the troupe in 2012 and continue to run it together as a collaborative experience for all members.

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